Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Magic Rock

We have a Magic Rock at the house.
Not to be confused with a pet rock, our Magic Rock holds incredible power.

When tending to a Magic Rock it is imperative that you realize that despite its size, the Magic Rock is greater than you, is more stubborn than you and will not budge no matter what you will it to do.  What happens under the Magic Rock is revealed only on its own time.

What have I found under our Magic Rock, you ask?  A tiny, yet vast village with worms, slugs, ants, and beetles going about their daily lives, bustling with energy and purpose.  It may seem ordinary but it's amazing.

Over the years the Magic Rock has revealed many special secrets - baby snakes, a black widow spider, salamanders, a skink family, and dear old toad who we call Yoda because it seems like he's been here forever.  While technically not found UNDER the Magic Rock, there once was a vole living in between the Magic Rock and it's buddy Rock.

On a practical level, my Magic Rock has shown me that watching a black widow spider open up to reveal her red hourglass is stunning and mesmerizing; juvenile skinks have beautiful blue tails, voles have amazing big digger paws and baby rat snakes are really cute.....but their discovery also reminds me that there are a bunch of big, long grown up black rat snakes that won't fit under the Magic Rock...those just slither in the yard and that's not so magical.

I tell my sons that I believe everyone has a Magic Rock somewhere.  It may even be right in front of you and you haven't found it yet.  And the secrets of each person's Magic Rock are only known to them.

I turn my Magic Rock over every morning.  Some days nothing is revealed; other days, especially after a rain storm, it's a rich playground.  Either way the Magic Rock teaches many things, not just about nature but about patience, strength, fortitude, change, time and endless possibility.  It really is magical.  I hope my boys each have their own Magic Rock one day too.

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