Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Survivor: Walgreens

I was trapped in Walgreens tonight.....seriously.

It's the closest I think I'm ever gonna come to being on Survivor and let me tell you, if the cast of characters were on it with me, I think I might actually get immunity every time.

I found myself at the corner of Healthy and Happy for a quick stop to pick up a prescription.  I saw the dark, menacing sky drawing closer; I felt the dip in the temperature on my skin; and I heard the beeping text alert message warning of impending severe storms.  But, I am a survivor, I can do this, I thought.

The minute I stepped inside, the massive rain clouds opened up, the wind gusted and the power went out in Walgreens.  A woman shrieked.  The power came back on.  I said, "It's a just a storm, we're okay." And then the power went out again.  Off and on repeatedly and with every "on" the pharmacy tech said, "I'm sorry, our registers aren't working so we can't give out prescriptions."  And the woman said, "But, mine is right there," leaning over the counter to point to her bag.
"I'm sorry, I know it's there," he said, "but everything is in here (pointing at the computer) and I can't do the transaction."
The same woman turns to me and says, "Oh no.  Which way is the storm going?  Which way?  What does your phone say?"
Looking dumbfounded, I pulled out my fifteen year old flip phone and said, "I don't have any apps on this phone but the trees are bending in a southeasterly direction."
She said, "I have to get out of here!" and with that she headed straight for the sliding doors and shouted, "We're trapped!  We're trapped!  The doors won't open!!"
I walked over to her, flip phone in hand and said, "No we're not.  Doors open by sliding them with your hand when the power is out.  See?" and I opened the door.
And the pharmacy tech looked over at me and laughed.

The tribe has spoken...on the corner of Happy and Healthy.

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