Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tasty Treats

Last night, when I returned from the grocery store, I piled all the grocery items on the counter to put them away when my father-in-law, Jimmy walks into the room, inspects the items and says, "Oh, good trip! Great stuff!"
As I start putting things away, he reaches for a small bag, opens it and takes out a handful of the items and pops them into his mouth. I just watch, saying nothing.
"These are good! What are they?" he exclaims.
"Those? Actually, those are cough drops," I reply.
"Oh, I thought they were candies. They're good." he says with a smile.
"There's a warning on them for children but I see now they need to consider the other end of the age spectrum with their warnings - maybe thirty point, bold font. Or maybe, Jimmy, you just need to pause a moment before you eat something to make sure you're positive what it is."
"I'm sorry. Is this a reference to that beef jerky goof?" he asks.
"You mean, the Beggin' Strips dog treats you thought were beef jerky and ate half the bag???! Why would I ever bring that unfortunate incident up again?" I say, with a smile.
"You got me," he replied, as he popped one last cough drop in his mouth.

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